Childhood Seven

"I am Jesus and I turn on the sun. You are God and you turn on the rain. This is my pretend house in heaven and it has an elevator that goes up and down. And windows to look out of."

While taking a bath on the morning of his birthday party, Peter excitedly announced that he would be having TWO Grandmas to play with that day!!

Peter was playing "pretend bed" on the couch and said he was "putting his kids to sleep". I asked him how many kids he has and he answered "four [holding out his fingers] -- this is a boy and this is a girl and this is a boy and this is a girl".

Peter took his new bug containment device out to the garden to look for interesting bugs. We put a little pill-bug inside and after a few minutes I wondered out loud if the bug was lonely? So Peter ran inside to "get it a friend". He comes out with Tiger and soon the bug and the stuffed tiger are playing -- "can you jump like this?" "yes, I can! I am jumping" {the poor bug}.

Peter likes to wake from his nap and read books for a few minutes before getting out of bed. The other day I heard sad noises coming from his room and walked in to find him crying real tears and sobbing about the broken airplane in the story. In his library book was a picture of a little bear holding pieces of an obviously broken toy airplane. His father stood over him watching, comforting. I have never seen that kind of empathy before in my son. He still calls it the "sad book" and doesn't want to read it.

My two boys have been getting along better lately. I overheard Peter saying "like Grandma taught me" as he traded a toy with Ezra to get something he wanted.

Every time we walk across the nearby bridge, Peter wants to play elevator. He pushes the pretend buttons to close and lock the doors, then pushes a LOT of buttons to make us go up or down. Ezra loves this part and they end up laughing hysterically together.