Happy Birthday Part Two

It was grand. I felt like a QUEEN. Thank you Facebook for bringing so many beautiful notifications into my Inbox. Thank you friends.

I spent some time working on a photo spread using Picaboo software (something we're considering using to replace traditional scrapbooking).

Read a couple blogs. Got inspired to focus more on goals...to the point of writing monthly and weekly goals for myself and for my kids.

Then got inspired to clean the house (I'd been avoiding it all day!). It had gotten pretty bad. The kitchen was the worst, after all those cake-baking dishes. This picture doesn't show the HALF of it.

So, I had a mad hour of SUPER-MOM cleaning, and things looked much better by party time. Not that anyone needed to come in the house......but you know... ;)

We ate cake and ice cream. Played around with the idea of marshmallow baseball (kids come first, right?). Chatted. Enjoyed the sunshine (yay!). Celebrated life.

Shana took fabulous pictures for me. Thank you!!