Remember to Flush

Sorry so many of my posts lately have something to do with pee.

This is what we do while potty training. Yes, ripping paper into little tiny pieces is therapeutic. For mommy.

It is a really fun way to make letters. Double stick tape...and lots of tiny pieces of colored paper.

Speaking of potty training, although I hate to jinx anything, Peter seems to have had a breakthrough. Two successful trips to the toilet and he made it in time!! These are not the lucky catch I-was-already-sitting-on-the-toilet-waiting kind. No, these are the I-was-playing-in-the-other-room-and-ran-all-the-way-across-the-house-and-made-it-to-the-toilet-without-peeing!

We are loving the toilet seat with the magnetic pull-down toddler seat incorporated. He loves climbing up on the stool and sitting on the big potty. The little one was just that. Too little. Getting stuck on his bottom. ;p