Swimming in Level One

Here's Peter with his pre-game face.

Mom is definitely more nervous at this point. Hoping he'll go with the other kids and not cling to my legs. Hoping he'll follow directions and not be too shy to talk. Hoping he'll get in the water.

He went! He listened! He said his favorite color is blue!

He jumped to the teacher! He kicked with arms stretched out!

Then something went haywire and he wouldn't get in the water any more. He did a lot of standing and watching. The teacher did a lot of "are you sure you don't want to get in?" to which his very quick response was always NO. It was a bit cold. He later reported that it was a "BIG bit cold".

He did a lot of watching. There was tons of wait time while she took each child individually for little swims. After awhile his arms started windmilling like this. I think his brain was imprinting.

Peter was the youngest of the bunch. The rest were probably 5/6 years old. Maybe 4. But this IS level one. I confirmed it with the teacher! I thought the activities were advanced as well. I mean, for the first day. Arm curls already?? Oh well, we'll see what tomorrow brings! 

I just love the look on his face here. "Wow, Mom, look at me! I'm such a big kid! Going off by myself!!"