Things I Love About My 11-Month-Old

Another fabulous month with Ezra! He's learning so many new things so quickly. Peter is quite the little teacher.

This month there has been a lot of banging on pots and pans and other drumming devices. Picture Ezra with two rhythm sticks, one in each hand, pounding away just as loudly as Peter. Yes, parenting ages you. And makes you deaf.

He's learned to make car noises with his tongue and blow spit everywhere.

He loves to knock down towers. I can hardly stack two things on top of each other before he is there to plow it over.

He loves yogurt and smacks his slimy lips with joy.

It's amazing how fast he will crawl when he sees the lid up on the toilet seat.

He has this cute little habit of putting a finger up to his lips and partly in his mouth when he's nervous or uncertain.