What Happened??

So. I guess I haven't spent much time in the greater backyard lately (for shame) and upon visiting it today (after the hot weekend and prior rain) noticed it's extreme growth. Definitely some maintenance needed.

I picked about 35 pea pods. Pulled up about that many volunteer tomato plants that were getting in the way of other fruit growth (funny how the seeds I planted barely grew at all, but these unwanted ones are coming up like weeds). Looked at the poor overgrown cilantro plant that has completely gone to seed and sighed. Pulled up a bunch of dead poppies to uncover a fruitful blueberry bush. And convinced my husband to mow and do some edging. =)

It's a start.

This is the MESS where I originally planted 16 little teensy ;) tomato plants (all cherry or grape) and several volunteer sunflowers decided to join them. Something's gotta give here.

Our amazingly abundant climbing purple flowers.

Just a sampling of the huge clover population that has decided to call our grass home very recently.

And my first beauteous sunflower. Hasn't fallen over yet.

You can imagine the giant rhubarb and towering potato plants. The squash plant seems to be enjoying the heat too.

Cheers to gardening. And getting out in the yard.