Star Light, Star Bright

Camping with kids. A thought that makes even the bravest souls shiver a bit. When you finally get them sleeping well at home, in their own beds, what would possess you to take them out into the wilderness?

The fresh air, of course. And the stars. And the inner drive to do things you used to love before kids.

The question is, do we still love it?

Well. It can be really hard. Picture this:

I thought I'd list off a few little things I've learned that might make future camping easier on our family.

--Bring at least two tents, one for each child. And more than one soft pad-like thing. Not all tenting sites have lush grass.
--Don't forget special blankets, pillows, softies, teddies, whatever it takes.
--Something to get that bottle warm for the baby.
--Extra blankets in case of wet accidents. Wipes handy. Wipes for dirty feet too.
--Coyotes to drown out traffic noise. Oh, wait, the crying babies pretty much drowned it out all by themselves.
--An annotated diagram of the car and card catalog of where everything is packed.
--Don't forget where you packed the bug spray. It should be specially marked on said card catalog. 
--Available water to play in get clean in.
--Early morning hiking option for early risers so late risers can continue sleeping. {bring kid carrying device}
--Portable high-chair for young walker. Safety for child around fire and sanity for parent during mealtimes.
--Later naps to accommodate after-dark campfires.
--NO marshmallows before bed. Carob s'mores on saltines with broccoli.

A bit more like this: