A {Good} Day in the Life

Still trying to decide if good is really the right word to describe it. It was ambitious, probably a little too busy, at least I followed the plan, but I was so tired at the end of it all, what is better? less structure or more? 

I got a shower before the children woke up. Nice.

Feeding the hungry mouths went smoothly -- large-flake oatmeal and fruit.

We had a no-fighting sibling playtime while I cleaned up the kitchen and swept floors. Amazing!

Then straight off to the button park with hula hoops, frisbees, and balls (the theme this week is circles). Other than stranger-pushing and not being willing to apologize, the outing was fun. See his grumpy face?

Both kids had {separate} room time while I made a quick lunch. Even 15 minutes of silence makes a difference!

We listened to Peter and the Wolf while we ate. Peter seemed engrossed and when I turned the volume down, he said, "turn it up so I can hear!" (We'll be focusing on a different composer each month).  

Then when Ezra wouldn't settle for his nap, we adjusted our sails and took some time to play outside in the shade. Peter knocked on his friend Brayden's door and invited him to come out and play. They drove Jeeps together.

Finally Ezra naps, but by now Peter is too sleepy for much learning time and gets really sad when the  horse breaks the clock. (Kermit the Frog reporting: see Math Monday)

We tried sorting some colors. See how tired he is?

So, Peter sleeps and mommy blogs while half-asleep.

I whip up some angel hair pasta and throw in tomatoes and basil from the garden. Toss with parmesan. Too bad our yellow squash plant hasn't produced another.

Then I decide to try running in 97 degree weather. With a camelbak, but still. It was a bit much. They closed my pool for cleaning, so I'll be seeking alternate activity for the next six weeks. Nothing really beats a good swim on a hot day.

Speaking of swimming, Monday nights are one-on-one time with kids, so I took Ezra to the {other} pool while daddy spent time working on bikes with Peter. I took a camera that had a dead battery, so no pool pics this time. Too bad since Ezra had a BLAST. My water baby.

We tried for a short family worship, then listened to Ezra cry that he wasn't quite ready to sleep because the sun was still up. Peter "helped" daddy paint the house while mommy wilted into a chair with a heat-induced headache.

And finally, the day ends. And so, I woke up this morning wondering how much to try to pack into this day. Maybe nothing at all. That would be a good contrast.