Highlights from Vacation up North

Watching Peter cuddle on the couch with his 9-year-old cousin, Sarah. What a silly guy!

Eating fresh garden raspberries grown with love and Canadian sunshine. Thanks for sharing, Gma and Gpa! 

Playing "where's the fly?" with Peter in the car. Mom, it's on the steering wheel! Now it's on the horn! Now it's in your mouth -- uh-oh, you swallowed it! Followed by spontaneous singing of I Know a Young Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.....perhaps she'll CRY.

Playing the "singing game" in the car with Peter.

{Mommy} "Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?"

{Peter} "I see a big house lookin at me."

{Mommy} "BIG house, BIG house, what do you see?"

{Peter} "I see a little fox lookin at me." [and so on...]

At a rest stop where we were running around on the grass and we see a little hole...Mommy says be careful around that hole {thinking snakes}...and Peter says out of nowhere, because there's a BIG LONG SNAKE in there!! And I of course shriek and make a scene and 3-year-old thinks that's very funny and must be repeated. Again and again.

Swimming with my cutie cousin, Meghan. Thanks for sharing Rob and Beka! 

Participating in a photo scavenger hunt with cousins and my mom. Way to let down your hair, girls. ;p

Watching Ezra and Peter exchange blankets and toys back and forth in the back seat {their own little game} -- Ezra pushes blanket just into Peter's reach, Peter grabs it and they both squeal and laugh, then Peter throws it back onto Ezra. Good job guys. Way to pass the time. =)

Sitting out in the backyard with great-grandparents and kids and watching Ezra water himself with the garden hose. Even more funny than watching Peter water his cousin Pearl.

Listening to Peter pretending to ride the elevator (sauna) with his cousins. "What floor do you want to go to? How about the 6th floor? OK, let's do it." By the end of our visit, the older girls were pretending with the best. Thanks for putting up with his imagination, Abby and Sarah. = )

Seeing Tim carry both children on our hike. Macho macho man.

Waiting in long lines at the border crossing. Oh wait, that was NOT a highlight.

Seeing Sarah lay down in the cold river. Think she surprised herself with her bravery? Nicely done.