Meal Planning Monday

While having a list like this has been extremely helpful, it's obvious to me that I'm including too many take-a-long-time-to-prepare items. I'll try to be a bit more realistic this week. A bit.

breakfasts (5)
applesauce on toast with almond butter and honey
oatmeal with pecans, flax meal and maple syrup
cold cereal and fruit
banana smoothie with almond butter and flax meal
fried egg on English muffin

baking (3)
coconut scones (square shaped)
carrot raisin muffins
apple pie

lunches (5)
stripple sandwiches with lettuce, tomato
angel hair pasta with sauteed zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes
nachos with black beans, avocado and cilantro
ciabatta sandwiches with feta

snacks (3) {as needed}
honey nut cheerios and milk
cheese and Triscuits
apple slices and almonds

suppers (5)
Chinese noodle casserole
sub sandwiches
homemade pizza with butternut squash and ricotta
Chinese stir-fry and rice
sweet potato chili and cornbread