Menu Planning Monday

This worked really well for me last week. We ate well! It helps me to have a list of five to choose from, not a specific meal each day. A little more room for mood changes. :) 

A two-day away is scheduled for this week, so I will be focusing on travel food and less prepared meals. We can do the granola/yogurt and the applesauce on toast in a hotel. And maybe we'll find a Subway in the wilderness town we're going to. =)

I failed to make muffins and sticks last week, so I'm including them again in this week's menu. Same with the potato curry.

breakfasts (5)
sweet potato hash, fresh tomatoes, and saucettes
oatmeal with dried cranberries, coconut and flax meal
applesauce, almond butter, honey on toast
yogurt with granola and flax meal and blackberry jam
potato leek fritatta

baking (4)
bran muffins
banana bread (a different recipe this time)
Grandpa's sticks
peach cobbler

lunches (3)
egg salad and cucumber sandwiches
black bean nachos with cojita and homemade salsa
grilled cheese and tomato soup

snacks (5) {as needed}
circle crackers and grapes
watermelon cubes and almond butter on bread
carrot sticks and applesauce
edamame and cottage cheese
apple slices and mozzarella cheese

suppers (3)
angel hair pasta with sauteed zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms
indian potato curry
vegeburgers and potato salad