Menu Planning Monday

breakfasts (5)
omelet with arugula and tomato and cojita
oatmeal with dates and fresh pineapple and flax meal
granola and fresh berries
yogurt with granola and flax meal and homemade jam
biscuits and gravy ;)

baking (4)
bran muffins
banana bread
Grandpa's sticks
blackberry gingerbread

lunches (5)
summer skillet chili
spanish rice
sub sandwiches with spinach, red pepper, green olives, pickles, etc.
macaroni salad with feta, corn, olives, green chilies
tomato/mozzarella sandwiches

snacks (5) {as needed}
circle crackers and grapes
watermelon cubes and almond butter on bread
carrot sticks and applesauce
edamame and cottage cheese
apple slices and mozzarella cheese

suppers (5)
green smoothies and mini pizzas
butternut squash macaroni with parmesan cheese
banana milkshakes and popcorn
tacos with garden salsa and cojita cheese
indian potato curry