Summer Skillet Chili

I had absolutely no plan for lunch. Which, amazingly enough, sometimes yields the best concoctions! This chili is definitely one of them.

I started by frying onions. Then I thought, "I should add some carrots for color". Chopped those up, added two cans of Nalley Chili and thought I was done. Simple. Well, it needed some garlic, so I threw in some powder {I want to get in the habit of mincing fresh garlic, even though it takes more time}. Then I thought, "mmmm, garden tomatoes would be nice in here too". And passing the tower of basil on my way back from the garden, I decided to add a few leaves of fresh basil. And a pinch of salt.

Oh, and corn sounded good too, so I tossed in half a can or so. Let it cook for awhile. We ate it with Basmati Rice.

Peter said, "Mom, I like your casserole." haha Not that I make many casseroles...not sure where that came from!