Up the Side of the Mountain

It wasn't exactly an elevator. As Peter was quick to correct. Oh, and he used "actually" in a sentence today. =)

I love how the water matches the gondola interior.

Peter didn't have much to say, just a lot of looking and every now and then he'd breath the word "fun". And smile.

Ezra couldn't really see out, but looked scared anyway.

Apparently not afraid of heights.

Quite a view from the top. We took a little hike (1/4 mile) to this viewpoint, enough time for Peter to trip twice while running and splay out all over the trail like a badger. He elicited a lot of sympathy from the older generation. So did I -- especially when I had one kid on my back and one on my front for part of the hike. What nice people seniors are. =) At least the touristy ones.

A very fun ride down, in which I freed Ezra and let him look around.