Fashion Lessons Learned

Well, maybe "fashion" isn't the right word. But whatever you call wearing-clothes-that-look-good-on-you-and-are-functional-at-the-same-time. And don't wear out overnight.

Like my tank tops from Lands End. So disappointing. Four or five washes and they are knobby and shrunken.

So -- after my amazing couple days at Women of Faith, I had another day (big thank you hunny) to do a little shopping. Things were looking bleak. Nothing to wear. =p

No, really.

It's pretty crazy when all your clothes for the last three years are either maternity or baby-weight or way-too-skinny-for-this-new-"mutha-body". New word.

I'm a mutha.

Before I left home, I did a little inventory of the situation. Found out I had five pairs of pants that fit well {before breakfast}. Light jeans, dark jeans, brown pants, pinstripe khakis and regular khakis. And one jean skirt. Not too shabby. So then I pondered the question of color, which I've definitely struggled with in the past.

Will someone remind me never to wear lime green again?

I've come to the conclusion that certain shades of purple work well. And dark teal. And gray. Possibly light pastel pink. And darkish green.

Fortunately, this season offered up some of the colors. Not always so lucky! Target was a PERFECT first stop. I got most everything there. I forced myself to avoid looking at price tags, but focus on colors, styles and quality. When I found things that worked really well, I'd go back and get more of the same, in different colors.

Spandex rocks. Mock turtlenecks are a good look for me. Layering a jean jacket over a tank or short-sleeve turtle is functional for fall. A-line skirts are still up for deliberation. But I found a cute brown-toned one at Goodwill (second best shopping stop) for $3.99. So pretty much a win-win.

I'm excited with the options in my closet now! But I think I need a wider variety of shoes........I can't wear flip-flops all winter...