Father/Son Backpacking

Peter's first backpacking trip was a success!! And although I had several worried moments, the ones left at home had a good time too (they were gone for about 24 hours). 

And it is with great pomp and circumstance that I announce my first guest post on this blog -- my husband. Welcome dear. 

Here are his proud and fatherly notes taken while out on the trail and at the campsite with his first-born son. 


4:07pm Peter started singing "I'm glad that my dad is my dad" {from his Leapfrog DVD} just before we got to the campsite.

6:51pm Promptly at 5:00 Peter decided that he was tired and wanted to get in the tent and go to sleep. For real. I was just setting up the tent and we had not eaten yet. The campsite we wanted was inhabited by a mom and four kids -- the dad and fifth kid hiked on ahead. We waited for them to clear out by setting up our tent out of site and waiting for them to leave. I made a deal with Peter (who had slept in the car from MF all the way to Enterprise) that he could go to sleep when the sun wasn't on the hill anymore. So we roasted our pigs in blankets, ate our almond butter sandwiches, moved the tent, and Peter got in his sleeping bag at 6:44pm. I think he is playing in there but it doesn't look like he will hold out too long. I've got a little fire going right here by the creek six feet from the tent and I'm looking forward to a little "Flee the Captor" {his latest read}.

{Peter showing how big the tent is}

8:09 Peter is trying to sleep...two bathroom trips...one in such a hurry he peed all over himself. He now seems to be pretty well on the way to slumberland. I managed to read three chapters.

{The next morning}

At promptly 5:59am Peter tackles me saying "I have a slug"! {runny nose} There is a lot of condensation inside the tent. Peter slept in an "L" shape. The sand is very comfortable to walk and sleep on. I'm trying to decide if we need another fire or just pack up and go home. The wood is a little wet and takes some work to get a fire started.

{sock teepee}

6:00am We got out of the tent and started the fire. Oooops, we forgot spoons for granola. Ate a few bites of dry granola and some dried bananas that may or may not have been shared with a woodland creature in the night. Peter wanted to build a castle like the previous inhabitants of our site did. Daddy's shoes were still drying by the fire and his feet got cold pretty fast. We built a mound with white rocks on top for decoration. Then Peter started to expire. His mood tends to fluctuate with the size of the campfire. I'm afraid he is getting cold despite his warm puffy jacket.

{Peter} 8:00am "When we get back to the car and drive and drive and drive and see mommy she will see my backpack and say 'What is THAT??'" {a day-pack detached from Tim's backpack}

I missed being in on the action, but I'm so glad they had a fun, memorable adventure together!