Home Makeover

I really got the bug this week. First the garage irked me. Then suddenly the master bedroom was an irritance. There were just too many disorganized bins of clothing. I became compelled to set it all straight. And make it simpler. And more livable.

Nesting? Whatever. I'm a woman.

So -- I set to work. Moving bookcases, moving the bed, reorganizing craft drawers, listing books on paperbackswap.com. Good stuff.

I wish I was better with my camera. Indoor pictures, with strange lighting. Anyway -- here's the bed, now under the windows {LOVE IT!}. And the reading area (moon chair, kind-of pictured), so convenient. See the bulletin board I made?? Yep, it's cardboard covered with fabric. Thanks for the idea, Sarah!! Somehow, the space is being used more efficiently, because we now have a whole wall with virtually nothing against it! The room feels really good. I love it.

The garage has felt my firm grip. But has been released into the capable hands of my possessive husband.