Making Peace

I really had made peace with the idea of fall. I was imagining the smell of pumpkin spice and cranberries. Thinking warm, cozy thoughts and salivating over the idea of dinner roast, hot out of the oven. Pulling out my turtlenecks and hanging sweaters in a soft, sumptuous row.

And then summer came back. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who whined a little.

The man of the house and I escaped to sleep by a mountain lake for one of the nights (thank you wonderful and competent parental babysitters)! It was much cooler. And nicer.

But then I tried to get through days number two and three wearing pants.

Kindermusik really makes me sweat these days. It's so fun to jump around with all those kids!

Chasing a three-year-old and his loaded mini-grocery-cart out the front door {before purchased} while baby throws himself around in tired, hot arms, trying to get down -- ya, that can work up a sweat too.

So we turned the A/C on.

And enjoyed a memorable birthday with Papa Ken, German Chocolate Cake and all. What a cool, patient, wise, methodical, devoted, procrastinating, longanimous sexagenarian he is. =)

Temps should be back in the 70's by next week and I'll be ready. You'll see.