Meal Planning Monday

Yes, those breakfasts were good. We'll do that again. ;) We'll wait awhile for another apple pie, though. Like, maybe next year. I have still to make coconut scones and those yummy sounding carrot muffins. Maybe this will be the week. And, as you'll notice, I'm a little smitten with this week. A lotta link love.

breakfasts (5)
applesauce on toast with almond butter and honey
oatmeal with blackberries
omelet with yellow squash and feta
fried potatoes with onions and red pepper (need to boil potatoes in advance)
yogurt with jam, flax meal and nectarines

baking (2)
coconut scones
carrot raisin muffins

lunches (5)
Feta Ciabatta Sandwich

Sweet Corn Pancakes (yes, for lunch!)
Zucchini Strand Spaghetti
Summer Skillet Chili (because it is still summer)
subway style sandwiches with grillers, peppers and spinach

suppers (5)
lentil soup with homemade bread
crockpot chickpea curry and rice (need to plan ahead!!)
Italian vegetable soup (with vegeburger and kidney beans)
eggplant salad toasts