Meal Planning Monday

There will be repeats this week. Don't judge. ;) That's life. We just didn't get it all made last week. That's OK. Some of it was so good we want to do it again. Even better.

breakfasts (5)
applesauce on toast with almond butter and honey
oatmeal with pecans, flax meal and maple syrup
omelet with yellow squash and feta
fried potatoes with onions and red pepper
yogurt with jam, flax meal and nectarines

baking (3)
coconut scones
carrot raisin muffins
apple pie

lunches (5)
Bow-Tie Pasta with Stripples and Leeks and Parmesan
egg salad sandwiches, veggies and dip
pigs in blankets, coleslaw
quesadillas with corn and garden tomatoes
baked yams and rice, salad, mushroom gravy

snacks (3) {as needed}
grapes and mozzarella
banana and almond butter
carrot sticks and broccoli with ranch dressing

suppers (5)
homemade pizza with butternut squash and ricotta
pot-pie with tator tots
smoothies and popcorn
lentil soup with homemade bread
crockpot chickpea curry and rice