MotherStyles; Part Two

I keep reading and re-reading this amazing book. And learning more and more about myself.

The last half of the book discusses parent/child dynamics and co-parenting. Family Interaction.

"Knowing your own personality type and your partner's can help you make the most of differences and be aware of common blind spots. You can learn to fill in as best you can for the other, and work together as a you can be effective with your children."

Chapter 10 describes each set of personality types -- giving examples that relate to children. And then providing tips for how to relate to each child, whether the same or different from you, the parent. It is so eye-opening. So helpful.

"Often what parents consider misbehavior makes sense when the full story comes to light in the context of the child's personality type. You may discover that your child is simply acting according to his or her nature, not defying your authority or purposefully pushing your hot buttons. That understanding may help you relax and find win-win solutions to troublesome issues."

It's all about acceptance. When you understand a person's type and realize they are different from you, and THAT'S OK, it's so freeing! You get why they act a certain can even learn to value their strengths. "Little by little, I began to [appreciate] his ability to go with the flow and enjoy peace in the moment."

What about friendships?? Do personalities affect these also?? You bet.

"A Perceiving woman may call a Judging friend with a spur-of-the-moment invitation to do something together. If the J friend can't change her plans to respond, the P friend is likely to interpret this as not caring. Likewise, the J women are apt to complain that their Perceiving friends don't care because they don't call to chat or make plans on a regular basis like they do."

Oh, there is so much more. I can do little more than scratch the surface. There is juicy goodness about the value of a mother. Treasures about managing your energy and recharging your unique batteries.

If any of this resonates with you, read this book. It's fabulous.