The Apple Pie Adventure

Where I got the idea to make an apple pie today, I don't know. Hair-brained idea, I tell you. But the apples looked so pretty. And we needed a fun kitchen activity.

 Before the fun began, we needed a little "pre-game snack". To get us through. A little almond butter and honey and banana. With a little extra honey.

Then we got serious about peeling apples. What strong muscles you have, my Peter! 

Isn't it pretty?? All that red skin curled up in a pile?

 The perfect apple. Time to taste test.

"Muscles" did an excellent job of stirring.

But is also capable of making a very big floury mess. (Stirring got a little out of control this time.) 

This is the point where I realized I didn't have any butter. And this is the point where I very nearly gave up. Flour mixture would have to be measured all over again. After a trip to the store.

Home from store. Time for some more snacks. Butter/honey sandwiches. Thank you for your patience, Ezra. ;)

Time passes. Apples are draining or seeping or whatever it's called. Oh, macerating. I continue to cut chilled butter into flour mixture. Finally it's holding together in a ball after much manipulation. Into the fridge to chill. Time passes. Later I get the dough out to roll it flat.

And THIS is when I {almost} gave up again. I DID lightly flour the surface. It's still sticking. Really bad.

In the meantime, I tried to get some semblance of a lunch together. But in my distracted state, must have measured the water/rice ratio a bit wrong. Tried to fix, ended up with smooshy, wet rice.

The boys were playing well together parallel playing, thankfully.

What was daddy doing?? In Peter's words, "taking the house apart".

And finally, apples have been syruped and cornstarched and gently laid in their chilled bed of dough. 

And baked to supreme levels of happiness.

And then eaten, with the required side of vanilla ice cream.

Was it worth it? _______ Will I do it again? Probably not.