31 Days to a Better Photo

So I've been trying to actually take pictures lately. Manually. Without depending on too many automatic settings. And it's confusing. At least for me. I've never been the one to understand technical details. You know, like how to get the door to the gas thingy open. Or how to get the smoke detector to stop beeping.

That's why I married a guy. You know?

Well, I think my camera is a guy. {I use the word "my" very loosely, honey. Really.} But I really want to understand men. It will take awhile. But I'm here all summer. {Sorry, inside joke. I think. Not sure who's on the inside anymore.}

OK. Wow.

And I was going to tell you about a cool blog series. Called 31 Days to a Better Photo. Hosted by "Life With My 3 Boybarians".

I started by reading {my} camera's manual, as she suggested. And learned a few things. Well, actually, I only got to page 58 of 172 but I'm putting that in the past tense because I had to move on to assignment three. Taking pictures using different shutter speeds. Because you either want to let in more light or less light. Pretty much. I think.

So I took some pictures in low light, without the flash. Heaven forgive me, I didn't keep track of what my shutter speed was while I was clicking away with experimentative fingers. Oh, experimentative isn't a word? Bummer.

I don't know what I did. So I can't really learn much. So before I open my mouth for the fire hose of day four I think I better get this stuff figured out. Can I make this 62 days to a better photo.

Sure am enjoying a female led photography class. Maybe you'd like to join in and learn some tricks too!