An {Almost} Perfect Morning

By twelve o'clock noon I had already:

--gone for a 1.5 mile walk with both kids in the stroller (before the sun rose)
--swam 10 laps in 11 minutes plus two laps of legs-only
--showered, ate applesauce on toast, fed two hungry doogas, washed dishes
--blow-dried my hair {yay!}
--had circle time with kids (sang songs, shouted out memory verse, talked about the letter "F" and shape "octagon")
--taught a Kindermusik class (with both my kids!)
--tossed together some taco soup, fed hungry mouths again, got bottle of warm milk and youngest ready for his nap

And now I have a tired older who is all wrapped up in his blue blanket, coveting the computer. Time to play at