Meal Planning Monday

Well, not sure what happened last week, but we didn't focus on food or preschool. For shame. Well, not really, we had tons of fun with friends and that's super important too. :) I'm going to search for balance this week -- yet again. Not that this menu speaks to that....

But if made it hard to find balance two weeks ago, is going to make it that much harder this week. Wow. The variety and photography is so inspiring!! 

breakfasts (5)
pear and buckwheat pancakes
yogurt with flax meal and granola
cornmeal mush and honey
cold cereal and bran muffins
scrambled tofu and saucettes

baking (2)
pumpkin cinnamon rolls
pear fritters

lunches (5)
baked yams and rice with mushroom gravy
angel hair pasta with zucchini
rigatoni, roasted pumpkin, feta, and sage
french bread and lentil soup
hot dog sandwiches and green drinks

suppers (5)
black bean and pumpkin chili
butternut squash pizza
potato, cauliflower, pea curry with rice
chik'n rice casserole
enchiladas with cojita and cilantro