Meal Planning Monday

You'll know it was a good day based on how ambitious my menu is for the week. Ya, good day. =)  Made those sticks AND pumpkin muffins. Amazing. Might even turn some granola out this evening too. Busy day for Olivia the Oven. 

breakfasts (5)
omelete with yellow squash and feta
hashbrowns with onion and pepper and saucettes
cold cereal and citrus
millet pudding with coconut and raisins
applesauce on toast

baking (2+)
apple and chedder scones
apple cake!

lunches (5)
feta ciabatta sandwiches
butternut squash pasta
lentils and rice
mashed potatoes and tofu loaf
grilled cheese and vegetable soup

suppers (5)
taco soup
crockpot chickpea curry and rice
vegeburgers and homemade oven fries
couscous and feta stuffed peppers
butternut squash chili and cornbread