Outrageous Love

I received this book in the mail a few weeks ago. On the top right corner of the inside cover, written in black sharpie, it says "50 cents". And in the middle of the page, "A Gift for Lana, From Dena".

A gift indeed. One that is certainly worth more than fifty cents at a yard sale.

Starting with the Women of Faith conference and continuing with this little book, Sheila Walsh is changing my life. She is helping me feel the warmth of my Father's heart.
"Have you longed for a place where you come as you are and are welcomed every time? There is such a place. Welcome to the mane of the Lion of Judah where all God's children can bury their faces when they are sad, celebrate when they are glad, rest when they are tired, and find fresh vision and purpose when they are ready to live again."
One of the benefits of hearing Sheila speak in person is now hearing her Irish brogue speak the words on the page. It makes reading her books that much more enjoyable. Everyone has an author/speaker who they connect with a bit more -- Sheila is mine. I'm looking forward to more words from God through her. Thank you Sheila Walsh.