They Match

I seem to remember hearing myself say, in conversation destined to be contradicted, that I would never dress my boys in matching clothes.

I'm a liar.

For I quickly discovered that although they look dashingly handsome alone...

...together, they make my heart skip a beat.

Throw in some colorful falling leaves and a brilliantly blue sky and I didn't need that brownie and mint chocolate chip ice cream to make it a perfect day. It was glorious already.

And I took pictures.

We played in the leaves.

Ran off in opposite directions.

And waved at cars passing by.  Who might have done a double take -- twins? escaped prisoners?

We climbed on fire hydrants.

And laughed. At pretty much anything.

We played with toys.

And stuck out our tongues. {Maybe I said dashingly handsome prematurely.}

It was a beautiful day.