A Love Letter

Dear First Born Son,

Three years ago you were cutting your first tooth, learning to sit up, and exploring solid foods. Your chunky face always wore a big smile. What fun we had with you, our baby boy.

Two years ago you were into everything, trying mama's patience. It's no wonder "uh-oh" was your favorite word back then. You loved to get attention and applause. If no one was paying attention, you'd clap for yourself!

One year ago you were testing out new snowshoes, jumpin' around in Ezra's jumparoo, saying thankful prayers every night, and playing with legos. What a big boy you were for two and a half.

Now you can do so many things by yourself!! Shoes, shirts, underwear, car-seat buckles, bikes, the list goes on. I'm so proud of you! You are endlessly creative and love to pretend with leaf blowers and weed eaters or build tractors or elevators inside. You are becoming so compassionate -- saying "I'm sorry" even if someone is just feeling sad.

You love to read "Fred the Firefighter" (every night these days) and pretend to be the firetruck, siren and all. Another favorite is calling whoever is on speed dial on mommy's cell phone. What a conversationalist you've become! You give lots of hugs and love to make your little brother laugh.

And you're drawing now!! You can write the letter "F" and "E" and "P" and draw all sorts of unidentifiable creative things!

You are a people lover. We can spend the whole morning with friends and on the drive home you'll say, "can we go to ______'s house now?" or "can we invite ______ over?" Love it. You often say, "but I don't want to be alone!" but sometimes you spend hours building with legos or blocks or trains or cars while Ezra is sleeping.

You're a good kid. You're figuring out your boundaries and life is getting a lot easier for you {and your mom and pop}. You've got a lot of talent and a lot of personality.

I love you, son. Happy half birthday, my three and a half year old! Sorry there weren't any candles...