Dreaming of Christmas Yet?

A high of 48 degrees next week??

Ya, there's no way I'm ready for that. I'm really enjoying autumn this year.

But it is probably time to start thinking a teeeeensy bit about Christmas. Like...maybe taking a family photo and sending out photo cards from Shutterfly.com? Ya, good idea. :)

So...I'm doing some browsing at all their terrific new designs. Like this one??

Or how about this one? Looks like I'll need to plan around a red and blue color scheme for the photo.

I really like this one -- so unique! 

Think we should go up to the snow for our pictures? 

The most memorable photo Christmas card that I can think of was the first winter my husband and I were married. And we signed it, Tim, Laura and Peanut Kyle.

Time to get the tripod out and see if our little munchkins can get out of the warm car for pictures. Brrrrrr. Why does it have to be cold to snow? lol