Labels: Undefined

It's really tough to live up to a label sometimes.

Artist. Writer. Photographer. Teacher. Musician.

A lot of expectations follow.

A lot of desire to fulfill said expectations. A desire to be good. And better.

Really I need to focus on being myself. Being within me is a voice, a uniqueness, that will speak meaning.

Right now, I want to be a photographer. I want to find my voice and be uniquely talented. A fellow blogger and online business owner who I admire is offering a Picture Class called "Picture the Holidays". Her song {"...choose more contentment than craze, more fun than freak-out, more peace than pressure, and more wonder than worry..."} is right on key. I would love to take this class, how fun. Thanks to maybe I can!

So I'm blogging about it. Because I'm a blogger. {place expectations here}