Meal Planning Monday

The November sun is warm today, although the wind is icy.

Peter is learning how to solve social problems with friends. I hope. And how to help daddy fix vacuums {that were previously used to mow the grass}.  

Ezra only ran away from home once so far today. Think he's catching on? He needs a "Home is Where The Heart Is" wall hanging.

It's time to cut open the pumpkin. And make things with it. Here goes...

breakfasts (5)
pear and buckwheat pancakes
fried egg sandwiches
oatmeal with coconut and cranberries
buckwheat and toast
cold cereal and fruit

baking (2)
pumpkin spice granola

pumpkin carrot bread

lunches (5)
angel hair pasta with zucchini
rigatoni, roasted pumpkin, feta, and sage
egg salad sandwiches
banana milkshakes

suppers (5)
black bean and pumpkin chili
butternut squash pizza
potato, cauliflower, pea curry with rice
twice baked potatoes