Thanksgiving Do-Over

Back to Monday morning and that crazy thing called meal planning

What were you thinking!! 

That was literally enough food to feed three or four families at every meal! Or enough leftovers for a month.

Thanksgiving Day was really fun. We did do more than eat. Really.

I think it's the leftovers that intimidate me so. And the fact that pumpkin cloverleaf rolls don't taste nearly as good rewarmed for the third or fourth time. Generally, Thanksgiving food is better the first time around. Don't expect me to be eating gluten sandwiches all next week.

Looking back on it all, I think it's a whole lot of hoopla and mess for one day out of the year. I think the spirit of Thanksgiving should be present in our homes year-round. Having a more serious focus on gratitude during the month of November is admirable. Like our countdown to Thanksgiving project.

But really, there was too much food. 

It's just like when the smoke clears after gift unwrapping Christmas morning. Too many toys. Feeling either overwhelmed or underwhelmed.

Why do we have such cultural expectations for what holidays should look like and what people should do?

Obviously the dust hasn't cleared inside my head. My stomach is too full. My body is tired. My feeble attempts at hosting guests and creating ambience come up short.

We always have such high expectations. Holidays breed discontent.

My solution?? Spread out the love. Celebrate the twelve days of Christmas, not just one. Be thankful all year. Eat simpler meals on the days when people expect indulgence. Focus on the meaning behind the holidays. Get outside more. Play lots of games. Eat a piece of fruit instead of a piece of pie.

And that is my rant, folks. Thank you. You're welcome.