What October Taught Me

Candy is over-rated. And trick-or-treating promotes greed, not generosity. So we will costume-up and participate in fall parties next year. But no candy grabbing. {This is not a criticism or generalization -- just a reflection on what our family needs, or in this case, doesn't need!}

Having a centerpiece on my table and a smelly candle really makes all the difference. Makes me want to live in my house.

I really love photography! It fills the need within me to create and see beauty.

At some point, I'm going to have to embrace the "home re-purposing" trend around here. Peter has taken his passion for the job to Kindermusik as well (creating a fort out of chairs and stools during class). Hmmmm. I'm just so "J" (like everything in its place). Some evenings I just have to put it all right and sit in the rightness of it all.

I love kale when you smash it up with carrots and apples.

I can definitely handle only one Thanksgiving a year. Looking forward to the 25th. We'll make it big.

I'm thankful to be finished reading "Playful Parenting". And finding more results lately with "tough love". Sometimes the idea sounds great in theory, but doesn't work so well in practice. With the exact model of child that we were issued. Who, at this point, needs to know who is in charge. As much as I hate the "who's the boss?" mess. Better labeled as determining boundaries.