Finding Beauty

Joy is an attitude.

If I'm expecting food to be dropped all over the floor during a meal, I won't get all bent up about it. If I embrace the creativity of chairs and cushions remastered into kitchen or bathroom, I will enjoy life more.

I've had a hard week. Could be that I've been so focused on joy and finding beauty that all I see is the contrasting opposite. It's clear to me that I enjoy clean and clutter-free space and my three-year-old doesn't. It's clear that my 18-month-old isn't going to magically stop throwing food on the floor.

But My house IS filled with beauty.

I need to get past the criticism and love the children. IN their messes. They are beautiful. I've been so glazed over with visions of what I think defines beauty that I've missed their unique beauty.

Forgive me. Help me to change. Not them.

{Challenge #2: My Paraphrase}: For the rest of my life, I will see my children for the 
beauties they are, and I will refuse to focus on the mess around them. 

If you'd like to join us for more talk about JOY, keep tuning in as I follow Ann Voskamp's Parenting Manifesto of Joy over the next three months. And feel free to participate in the weekly challenges! 

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