Fresh Starts

OK. I admit, this week has been lousy. Really bad. But we learn from our mistakes, right? We dust ourselves off and move on.

I'm moving on.

I'm going to try again. Try those memory verse stomp songs that we used to love. Try planning ahead for fun learning activities. Try another attempt at ice skating {please stand up and try, son!}. Maybe even try another craft with scissors {gasp}.

Because life is not about giving up when things get hard. It's about throwing yourself into that hard thing with more tools, tricks, and tenacity than ever before.

I'm not going to give up focusing on joy, even though it has really seemed to drag me down. You know there are other people talking about joy these days?? It's a popular topic. Sarah Markley @ sarahmarkley{dot}com is taking pictures [many every day] of the things that bring her joy. You can read her photo journal and be inspired. And Impress Your Kids is focusing on crafts and activities about JOY this week. I especially like the star/memory verse lacing activity.

Impress Your Kids -- Advent Week 3: Joy

Sarah Markley -- 100 Joys

What has brought me joy this week?

1. Hearing Peter hum the hallelujah chorus tonight.

2. Listening to Peter's complements -- I like your shirt, Ezra/Grandma/Mommy!

3. How Peter says "you're welcome too" when someone says "you're welcome".

4. When Peter said {in response to "Peter, you're nice and funny too") "ya, I'm nice...but I'm not funny."

5. Listening to Daddy and Peter talk about their imaginary friend "Woogidie P. Doogidie".

6. Watching my little snow bunny play outside happily while the rest of us are doing jumping jacks and blowing on our hands to stay warm.