Friday Rambles

The glow of a Christmas tree snuggled up to a flickering fire will do funny things to you.

Especially when it has resplendent {thanks for the word, Leilani} red fabric tied to its greenery. Thanks for the idea, Trasa and Co.(!) ;)

Yes, I did escape to the fabric store for a few minutes of joy today, by myself. I wasn't the only one. Fortunately, I could take a number and browse the store while I waited to be called up to the cutting counter. Oh, the inspiration of fabric.

The same resplendence spilled over onto a line of jute, to be partnered up with the fabulous faces of friends (thanks for the cards Jenee' and Nicole)!

My cards have been stuffed and {mostly} addressed, stamped and licked {double eww} and wait in the stick sleigh for Monday's mailman.

See them hiding down there beneath the 12 Days of Christmas tree? That isn't quite complete and Sunday (the day we start) is just around the corner...


The other thing hiding in those envelopes is a gift (frame not included) that I love. I hope many of you will find a frame in your collection to re-purpose with this inspirational word art. [Mom, this one's for you...] :)

It's been a busy, but very fun, week. Lots of creativity bubbling up inside me. Making me feel whole. And valuable. I have something to contribute to the world. To my family. I can create an atmosphere of beauty and paint pictures with words. I can sing. I can photograph. I can dance and cuddle. It is so nice to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. Thank you Tim and boys.

Thank you Messiah.