Melting Snow Day

It snowed again last night. That's three snows in a town that typically gets one, maybe two if we're lucky. We had a white Christmas AND a white Thanksgiving. But now it's melting again.

I'm grateful for a warm house.

The kids have taken to running circles around the house, chasing each other. Squealing and giggling. It's really quite cute.

I'm grateful for playful brothers.

Peter and I went ice skating again today. He put weight on his skates! Big progress. We had fun. He's signed up for lessons starting next week!

I'm grateful for persistence {on my part!} and helpful babysitters {thanks mom!}.

The seed catalog came in the mail this week. The new items are so colorful and amazing. If only the produce came out of my garden looking like that. Inspired me to do a better job this year.

I'm grateful that spring will eventually return to this part of the world.

We took our helium-filled balloons outside this morning, attempting a "balloon kite", this time with four balloons for greater potential height. Alas. It was too windy to get more than a horizontal flying pattern.

I'm grateful for bright colors and the fun my boys are having with these balloons inside the house.