Menu Planning Monday

Another Monday. So soon. With the icy roads and cold temps, we haven't been exercising as diligently. Running with cleats just isn't as much fun. Call me wimpy.

So, the food options shout healthy and simple comfort food! Except for a few holiday treats (ssssh)!

I've always wondered what "pandowdy" is...we'll soon see!

breakfasts (5)
cold cereal and citrus
toasted egg sandwiches
cornmeal mush and honey
gingerbread pancakes with old fashioned maple syrup
oatmeal with cranberries and shredded coconut

baking (2)
Ginger Apple Pandowdy
pear crisp a la mode

lunches (5)
couscous and feta stuffed peppers
mashed potatoes and tofu loaf {think special k loaf}
corn tortilla quesadillas with black beans and corn
almond butter/honey sandwiches and pear slices
Cheemo perogies and sauteed zucchini, red pepper, yellow squash, onions

suppers (5)
potato, cauliflower, pea curry and rice
haystacks with lentils and rice {mazidra}
split pea soup and crusty bread
mac n'bees {made with cashew cheese}
vegeburgers and oven fries