Thoughts on Prayer

"God longs to share his heart with us. He is not looking for perfect little robots to follow directions but people who will share his love. I think it's very difficult for us to embrace the love of God because we have never been loved that way before. That's because all human love -- even the best we have experienced -- is conditional and is impacted by our behavior or changing circumstances. But God's love is not." -- Sheila Walsh, in "Get Off Your Knees and Pray"

"How would it impact your life if you walked around every day with a deep awareness of being overwhelmingly loved?" --SW

And so it is that prayer makes a difference in US. It reminds us of that unconditional love. 
It frees our hearts to love our children more. And don't I need that.

Prayer is a way for us to experience love. --SW

Thank you God for this gift of remembrance. Remembering that You love me more than any other.