What I Haven't [And Have] Been Doing

I haven't been taking pictures lately. I wish I were as talented as Kelly Hampton. Wow. Maybe if I lived in Florida.

Who likes taking pictures in the rain? Or freezing fog.

I haven't been crafting much lately. Because one mom can only take so many flops before she doesn't try again for awhile. Really, he only wants a pen and paper. That's OK with me. We'll catch up with you later, Crafty Crow.

Because one pair of pants with scissor cuts in them is enough.

I haven't been cooking much lately. We are back on a calorie-counting, crazy-exercising plan and exotic foods will take a back burner. So long, Tastespotting. You've had your time in the spotlight.

My running shoes have been missing me.

I have been plotting thoughts of vacation. Thoughts of warmer places to spend January. Thoughts of adventure. Thoughts of a break for mom.

Because I haven't been on a "school break". Feels like everyday to me, folks.

I have been planning activities for our weekdays -- things like ice skating, playtime with friends, open gym time, swimming, organ performance class...because, unlike many families who seem to be cutting back on extracurricular activities, we need a little more excitement in our lives.

The house is going to grow legs and kick us out if I'm not more proactive.  

I have been as creative as possible for a tired, vitamin-d deficient mom. Building a kitchen out of cardboard and imagining myself sewing felt food for the little cookers. Because maybe it will keep them happily entertained for just a few minutes? Happily?

Until Peter declares the kitchen is closed on Tuesdays. To Buzzra, that is.

I have been going to sleep around 8-8:30pm lately. And accidentally taking cat-naps on Peter's bed while he plays on more.starfall.com. Because, really, someone woke me up from my winter hibernation. I'm really not supposed to be awake right now.

Tis the season for sleeping.

And for being grateful.

#1. For helium balloons, in bright colors.
#2. For friends who will run in the rain.
#3. For curious boys George.
#4. For boys who are so proud of their daddy -- "that was AMAZING and AWESOME" {after daddy did a swan dive off the diving board}.
#5. For piles of unfolded laundry. {??} Because we have warm clothes to wear during hibernation season.
#6. My bed. Oh yes. I love it.