Winter Hike

The sun came out. Finally. And oh, how my heart sang.

Or maybe it was the 4000 IU of Vitamin D I swallowed a few hours earlier. Before daylight.

It was time to get outside in a big way.

And the weather did not disappoint. The kids did not disappoint. We loaded up in record time, no complaints. Drove the fifteen minutes out to the closest only picturesque {if we can use that word for a dried up puddle of a lake} location within a sixty mile radius. No persuasion to get out of the car necessary. Both excited to hit the trail.

My {I use that word loosely} camera [Canon Rebel XT with the Sigma 70-300mm Macro Telephoto Zoom Lens] did not disappoint either.  I'm a very happy amateur. Thank you husband for sharing. ;)

What a fun time! The kids both loved it.

Stomping on frozen ice. Tramping through the tall grass.

Throwing snow.

And if you have desire, you can watch a slide-show of all 45 of these beautiful photos. The cream of the 250 shots taken. Glorious.

So grateful for sunshine after weeks of gray.