A Better Morning

It was a beautiful morning.

Steam rising from the pond. Geese paddling around. Frozen droplets of water on everything.

Adventurous children ready to play before the sun even has a chance to thaw the playground equipment.

Yes, mum, a wee bit chilly. 'Tis.

But the sun is shining. And that's all we ask for these days.

Here's Peter saying, "...and Ezra will go down this one..." Ya right, he says.

Ezra is always about 15 feet behind Peter. Or with that despicable look on his face.
This time it's saying "help me get over this big black wall!"

What a fun bridge to cross. Again and again.

Wrong way, brutha. Wait, gotta go over the bridge again.

Found a few dead leaves to crunch. And smoke detectors to point out.

Thought about jumping in the swiftly flowing stream. On more than one occasion.

And threw himself on the ground when mommy said no. On more than one occasion.
"But why not?? Daddy does it!"

And nothing better than a little "stomp shadow" gaming on the way home. How nice to have a park in our backyard. What could be better?

And so the story is told of A Better Morning. In which mommy takes lots of beautiful photographs and children have lots of time to play and explore. And do whatever they want to. The End.