All About Peter

Peter has made great progress on ice. Not getting enough speed to glide yet...and still pretty dependent on the bar, but making progress!! He's actually having fun now. =) And loves to hop! I should have videoed that. Anyway, here's a sampling...

Peter and his bestie Luke spent much of our recent vacation jumping/rolling/flipping around on the mats Uncle/Auntie keep in their basement. What fun! Peter has a great forward roll. See?

At one point during our weekend, Luke was playing around with the Lincoln Logs bucket (big one) and put it over his head. Peter laughed a big bit and said... "YOU LOOK LIKE A WOMAN!!!" None of us could keep a straight face. What?? Are you serious? What kind of gender stereotyping has he learned? Anyway...that joke got a lot of mileage. As you can imagine.

Peter loves to hear the sound of his own voice. He has been using the voice recorder all morning. Current selections include "Go, Tell it on the Mountain", "O Christmas Three", "The Wheels on the Bus" and several music videos from in addition to many soliloquies and dialogue between himself and "Becky". And much nonsense talk. Usually ending with "bye-bye everyone"!

He even took the sound recorder {his "phone"} with us on our walk today, just so he wouldn't "miss any calls".

He has started saying "mommy" a lot. It's become a high frequency word in his daily allotment of 3,000 words. "Mommy?" "Mommy, can I...?" "OK, mommy?" "Moooommy!" Ya, that's me. I heard you.