Early Birds

I'm getting up before the kids now. To have some alone time. To get to Jazzercise on time. To feel like more than a shell of a half-asleep person waking up to cries and urgent requests.

Yesterday was Day One and went so smoothly. I came home all sweaty and charged up to kids who were getting lots of quality time with dad {who doesn't like getting tossed onto the bed because you don't have "special shoes to walk on carpet"?}. I had energy. Enthusiasm for life.

And they had already been bathed and fed. Double points for dear old dad!

And the morning continued to go well. Much unlike the past week where my worn out, limp self did the bare essentials of parenting without much patience for the pretend play or the real work.

We sang, we read, we played.

We got out the door to get groceries.

We listened to Heidi on LibriVox.org.

We made some interesting Eggplant Pasta Sauce.

We saw daddy again. {yay!}

And then the 19-month-old wouldn't fall asleep at his regularly scheduled nap-time.

*screeeech* Stop the music.

But, since I have been so recently been transformed into Flexible Woman, we went outside.

See his happy feet? 

See the brotherly love? So much better lately.

Building a little fire out of stones...

And, yes, he just threw that ball. Shot it in mid-air. *cyber five*

We had a blast. And about an hour later, Ezra went to bed. And slept well. Lesson learned.

Good thing we enjoyed the warm sun yesterday. Today we are getting an early bird special on February Fog.
So looking forward to that, aren't we, Ezra?