Early Starts

Been thinking about Our Big Backyard. Which isn't really that big. But has a lot of potential for usefulness. Hidden potential.

I just really want to use all our space...and make it all beautiful! Seems like we were a bit too busy Spring of 2009, and I'm not sure what happened last year...at least I tried.

Here's my wish list:
          deck furniture and some kind of shade providing object
          water-play items {that don't break, mildew, or kill grass}
          kid-friendly play zone = picnic table, slide, toys, sandbox{?}
 Isn't this cute?
          pink/purple themed cut flowers = long-blooming, tall, medium blooms, hardy, full sun
          white/purple themed bed flowers = pleasantly-scented, short and spreading, non-invasive
          lots of healthy beefsteak tomato plants
          just enough cherry/grape tomato plants
          Bed #1=sweet onions, green onions, chives
          Bed #2=yellow squash, zucchini, butternut squash
          Bed #3=green beans, wax beans
          Bed #4=kale, leeks
          Herb Planter=cilantro, basil, rosemary
          hundreds of sunflowers along the back fence, that don't fall over

Here is a list of what I'm sure will be some of our obstacles:
          lack of time for the project
          lack of motivation
          procrastination {but it's not spring yet}

And my solutions:
           dedicating several Sundays to the project
           picturing the final product {see borrowed photos below}
           making a planting timeline
           coming up with a slug eradication plan {planting beans in little plastic tubes?? slug bait??}


Bed Flowers

Cut Flowers