Have You Ever...

Have you ever lost your child...searched the whole house...wondered if somehow he got outside...only to realize you had safely buckled him in the car a few minutes earlier?

Have you ever laughed out loud while reading a Philip Gulley book while waiting in a very long line to get your kids registered for gymnastics classes...and felt a bit silly...only to laugh out loud again, because it's a really funny book! And wanted to read it out loud to everyone.

Have you ever slammed on the brakes, sliding across the road and into a snowbank in order to potentially get your toddler out of his car-seat and pound him on the back hoping to dislodge a stuck pretzel...only eliciting laughs and giggles from the backseat. "Mommy, you crashed!"

Have you ever carried a 30-pound child on your back while man-handling {woman-handling really} a kicking, fit-throwing 40-pound child who keeps slipping out of your grasp, causing you to have to bend down and pick him up again...OK no need to dredge up these memories...apologies to my back, I will try to never do that to you again.

Have you ever checked your email in the middle of the night, only to read something that keeps you awake mulling it over for the next hour and a half? Boo.

Have you ever spent fifteen glorious minutes, skating circles around your baby boy who is just getting brave enough, not only to put weight on his skates {thereby saving my back} but also to lift his feet up a teensy bit off the ice? He makes mommy so proud.