Meal Planning Monday

Small changes this week -- green drink hasn't been happening since lunch-time is "get-Buzzra-to-bed-as-fast-as-possible-when-we-get-home-time" so hopefully we'll be able to fit it in around stuffing breakfast cereal into mouths {how do moms of multiples do it???}!

Breakfast. Really it's been going pretty well. But not a lot of variety from week to week, sorry about that. =) The staples are good. The granola/yogurt combo is very popular among the young ones. And the mama. 

I am going to *try* to cook more this week. Still on the teeter-totter. 

breakfasts (5) + green drink
granola with yogurt and flax meal
cornmeal mush with honey
cold cereal and orange boats
oatmeal with craisins and coconut
toasted egg sandwiches on English muffins

baking (2)
[ok, this is just not getting done. sorry. still haven't made the scones from three weeks ago]

lunches (5)
almond butter sandwiches with cheddar cheese and apples slices
yellow dahl stew {crockpot} and rice
pigs in a blanket with veggies and dip
nachos with corn and cilantro
stripple sandwiches with lettuce and tomato

suppers (5)
sweet potato chili and cornbread
pasta primavera
lentil soup in a bread bowl
potato corn soup
sweet potato pancakes with maple syrup