Meal Planning Monday

I am on the fence about blogging my meal plans. They aren't going to be very exciting for the next few months as we simplify and calorie count. There may be a lot of repetition. And very few new recipes.

But just the habit of blogging my meals, making my grocery list, having my meals on the fridge...helps. So, if you'll indulge me, I think I'll continue for the time being. Until it just becomes unbearable. You'll let me know, right? ;)

breakfasts (5)
applesauce on toast
cornmeal mush and honey
oatmeal with pumpkin seeds and cinnamon
toasted egg sandwiches
cold cereal and fruit

baking (2)
lemon cranberry scones

lunches (5) + green drinks
almond butter sandwiches, carrot sticks, apple slices
linkett sandwiches, grapes, cucumber wedges
yams, rice and mushroom soup
quesadillas with refried beans and corn
nachos with pinto beans and cilantro

suppers (5)
lentils and rice
stir-fry and rice
griller sandwiches and oven fries
sub sandwiches