Meal Planning Monday

Thank you for the support!! You'll never know how much that means. ;) I will continue Meal Planning Monday, with enthusiasm, for my family and my friends. And I will make it as interesting as possible. 

Hear hear. 

And thank you to my dearly devoted husband who provided me with some alone time to seek inspiration and plan for the week. I am forever grateful. 

Thanks also goes to and and and Man, sounds like an introduction to my first book. 

Here we go.  

breakfasts (5)
granola with yogurt and fresh cranberries
oatmeal with pumpkin seeds and flax meal and honey
cornmeal mush with honey
cold cereal and grapefruit
hashbrowns and scrambled tofu

baking (2)
chocolate chip cranberry muffins {a little bit a fun!}
cranberry scones {trying a new scone recipe...hopefully less cakey than the last}

lunches (5) + green drink
classic hummus and pita chips {my does she ever make it look good}
seven layer dip and blue corn chips {must make guacamole and pico de gallo ahead of time}
hot dog sandwiches and veggie sticks
tomato stripple grilled cheese sandwiches with alphabet soup
almond butter sandwiches with cheddar cheese and apples

suppers (5)
noodle stir-fry with steamed rice {and tofu, not chicken}
sweet potato chili and cornbread
griller sandwiches and sweet potato fries
angel hair pasta with grilled vegetables
subway-style sandwiches